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How to get Google AdSense Approval Fast in 2023

Google AdSense, How to get Google Adsense approval fast in 2023?, How to get adsense approval for blogger?, How to get AdSense approval for Youtube?
How to get adsense approval fast in 2023

How to get Google AdSense approval fast in 2023: Hello Creators...!!,  Are You searching for the latest and the best article on How to get Adsense approval in 2023?. Don't worry, You are at the right place. Here, In this article of how to get Adsense approval fast in 2023, I have shared tricks which will help you a lot.

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We all know that Google is now more harsh in giving approval of Adsense. As the Creators are increasing day by day, Google Adsense is now trimming the Good and unique contents and then they gives the adsense approvals.

Here, In this article, we will mainly focus on -

(i) How to get adsense approval for website.
(ii) How to get adsense approval for Blogger and WordPress.
(iii) How to get adsense approval for Youtube.
(iv) How to get adsense approval fast.
(v) How to get adsense approval fast in 2023.

So Now our article had got divided into two parts/columns, One is How to get Google adsense approval for websites (because Blogger and WordPress fall in website category) and the other is How to get adsense approval for Youtube.

What is Google adsense?

what is google adsense

A Google AdSense is a program run by Google, through which website publishers in the Google's  content network sites including text, images, video or interactive media ads targeted to site content and audiences. These ads are administered, ranked and maintained by Google.

How to get adsense approval fast in 2023

How to get adsense approval for blogger

First of all, Let us talk about - How to get adsense approval for a website or a blog in 2023. This includes - (a) How to get adsense approval for Blogger and (b) How to get adsense approval for wordpress website. Because the process of getting Google adsense approval in blogger and wordpess is similar. 

So, follow the following steps to get adsense approval faster in 2023.

(1) Google Adsense account :-

Firstly, create a Google adsense account. If you haven't used google adsense services, then you have to first of all Sign up adsense account. As per the adsense approval requirements, an individual must have a single adsense account.

(2) Write high quality of Content :-

Content is the primary thing of every Blog or Website. Original content is the most important thing for getting AdSense approval. So content matters a lot not only in getting adsense approval but also in getting more traffic on website.

It is said that a original content must have minimum 1000 - 1200 words in it. But as per my experience, I would suggest you to write a article or post above 800 words. So, in short you have to write a good original unique and copyright free content which is not less than 800 words. 

(3) Minimum Posts/articles for adsense approval :-

Write minimum 15-20 Unique articles / Posts. This question also arise in the mind of a creator that how many minimum posts/articles should be necessary for getting adsense approval faster. It is recommended that a website must have minimum 15 to 20 unique quality of content before applying for Google AdSense.

The practice of using copyright content or plagiarism is strictly prohibited  in the Google AdSense Programe. If you copy other works you can't get Google adsense approval for your site. 

(4) Minimum Traffic for adsense approval :-

There are not a actual minimum traffic limit in getting adsense approved websites. According to the Google adsense approval requirements, a website don't need to meet any threshold in terms of traffic. As you write unique 800 words above atleast 15-20 content(article/post), there will be a high chances in getting AdSense Approval.  Now, it is totally clear that There is no requirement about minimum traffic.

(5) Website Design and Customization :-

Use good Responsive Themes or Templates for your wedsite. There are many free and paid themes/templates available which gives your site a elegant look. Atleast 20% of weightage in getting approved adsense fall on the look of the Blog/website. So, always use a clean, elegant and responsive website themes.

On the other hand, In customization section, your website should be organized. That means all the important pages links, official social media links, category, logo should be displayed on the home page.

(6) Create mandatory Pages :-

You have to create all the mandatory Pages for getting fast google adsense approval. Important and mandatory pages includes About us page, Contact us page, Privacy policy page, Disclaimer page and Terms and condition page. 

On About us page, you have to give correct information about you and your website. You must have to include the purpose of the site. This About us page is must for Google adsense approval.

On Contact us page, You have to share medium through which a viewer can contact you. It can be a e-mail, g-mail, mobile number, Social media handle etc.

Remaining Three pages (i.e. Privacy policy, Disclaimer and Terms & Condition pages) is also essential, It is also mention in the Google adsense policy requirement criteria. The Best thing is this that it can be created or generated online automatically. 

For generating these Three - Privacy policy, Disclaimer and Terms & Condition pages only you have to search Generate ___ page on the search engines like Google. Here, you will get lots of website which will help you in generating Privacy policy page, generating Disclaimer page and in generating Terms & Condition pages.

(7) SEO Optimization on content :-

Only writing good content is not enough, Your website and the articles must have to SEO optimized. SEO or search engine optimization helps in indexing and ranking. Indexing & Ranking of website and articles help in gaining more traffic organically.

The two important types of SEO optimization is On-Page SEO optimization and Off-Page seo. In the on-page seo optimization technique you have to write a seo friendly article keeping the keyword in the mind. Off-page seo technique requires you to take action on your site and outside such as backlinks, social media, marketing, etc.

(8) Now apply For Google AdSense :-

If you have followed all the given steps correctly, then apply for adsense approval. I have shared all the adsense approval requirements above. 

Many Content Creators asks about the adsense approval time. As per the Google AdSense services 2 weeks that is 14 days is the minimum adsense approval time. But If you apply for approval they send you mail in 3-5 working days.

So, we have got the answers of thee most frequently asked questions-

  1. How to get AdSense approval for Blogger in 2023.
  2. How to get AdSense approval for wordpress in 2023.
  3. How to get Google AdSense approval for website faster in 2023.

Now, Lets move on How to get AdSense approval for YouTube in 2023.

How to get AdSense approval for YouTube

How to get adsense approval for youtube

Getting Google adsene approved Youtube is quite different from website. There are some adsense approval requirements in youtube. The youtube partner program gives content creators the monetization features. 

Follow the following steps for getting Adsense approval for YouTube Channel-

(1) 1000 or 1k Subscriber

When you reach the threshold of 1k or 1000 subscriber in your youtube channel, you get a assess of youtube partner program. Please keep in mind that 1000 subscriber along with 4000 hours watch time is mandatory for serving ads on youtube channel.

(2) 4000 hours watch time

Yes, it is mandatory 4000 hours watch time along 1000 subscriber on youtube channel to enable monetization. The threshold helps youtube adsense service make a more informed decision about whether your channel meets their policies and guidelines or not. 

Now in 2023 a content creator have to gain more than 4,000 vaild public watch hours in last 12 months.

How long does adsense take to approve youtube

If you or any other content creator got reach the youtube adsense requirements or these mentioned above thresholds, then they send you an email congratulation you that you have completed 4000 public watch hours. After that Google will show ads on your videos.

How to get google adsense approval in 1 minute 

If anyone assure you that you can get the Google AdSense approval in just 1 minute, don't believe them. Adsense approval in just 1 minute is totally fake. Yes you can sign up for google adsense account in just 1 minute.


Here, in this tutorial of How to get Google AdSense Approval fast in 2023, I have shared all the legitimate ways through which you can get adsense approval in 2023. I haven't shared any illegal way of getting adsense approval fast. So follow these steps, do Google adsense sign in and you will definitely get success in it.


Hope this post 'How to get Google AdSense Approval in 2023' seems helpful to you.

If you have any questions or query regarding this Google AdSense, then feel free and please Comment below or Contact us.

Thank You...!


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